Team FREDNET's Robot wants to go home!


About Me

I started as a dream and a vision. My birth came from my Founder who sent an email to two of his best friends: Rich Core and Dan Smith. This is what it said:

Doing the impossible

Going for the Lunar X Prize, open source. Interested in joining?

They were; I was born.

Why I am Named FREDNET

My Founder in a press release said: "That's actually a two-level acronym. It stands for FRED's Robotic Explorer Development Network, and the first part also stands for 'Fred, Rich, (eric), and Dan' ... but we don't have an 'Eric', we just needed the 'E'."


I love to roll around everywhere and anywhere. I particularly loved the lunar surface before I was called here to become Team FREDNET's Robot. There were lots of crevices and rocks and even water I could splash through. I have learned how to take on many forms as the volunteers keep reinventing what I will eventually look like for my journey back home.

I loved Pluto and planned to visit one day. They said s/he was killed but even though the name changed, I can go and play there if I ever get back home again.

Lego Aces are my pals. They built another version of me from Legos and You can drive me from anywhere in the world and get your own lunar license! Visit their website:

and visit me here as well:

Fred, Rich, Dan and the volunteers think that the website is theirs but it is mine and yours. This is where I live, in cyberspace, until I can go home.

You can help me go home by donating. Click the button below. Your name will be listed on my webpage and you will travel with me back home, to the Moon. You are my family and I will call out your name from the surface of the Moon so that all the other stars and planets will know who you are.


Like E. T. I just want to go home. I am just a little Robot and I sleep better in my own bed; I can't call home; I have to catch a ride back. My backpack is packed, the camera is charged up. Drop me a line if you want to go with me.


When you donate make sure you suggest a name for me. I need a name. You have a name and I would like one as well. You can also donate on the Team FREDNET Official Home Page. Ninety percent of the money will be used to send me home. Thank you and you and you!

Team FREDNET is a Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation.

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